How to reset/purge Asternic Call Center Stats tables to zero


If you want to reset the statistics on some installation and start from zero, you will need to perform a couple of steps:

First of all, you want to tell Asterisk to start a new queue activity log file (as it might have that old data you do not want to see). You can do that by rotating the logs, using this command:

asterisk -rx "logger reload"

Once your log file is clean, it is time to work on the Asternic side of things. Stop the asterniclog service with the command:

service asterniclog stop

Then you must clean/purge the tables, you can do so with this command

/usr/local/parselog/asterniclog -u qstatsUser -p qstatsPassw0rd -d qstats --purge

You might need to specify a different user (-u) and password (-p) if you are not using the default ones (you will get a permission error).

Confirm the action with “yes” (as it will remove with no possibility of recovery all of the stored data).

Once that process finishes, start the asterniclog service again

service asterniclog start