Asternic CDR Reports

Asternic CDR Reports will show you call details records like you have never seen before, centered on users and not on standalone records, you will be able to see the number of inbound and outbound calls taken by each extension on your PBX, among other things. There are two versions, a free/GPL3 FreePBX module and a commercial standalone version.

The FreePBX module that shows the following reports:

  • Inbound calls per extension
  • Outbound calls per extension
  • Detailed call report per extension
  • Call distribution report and usage pattern

The standalone commercial versions has more to offer:

  • Inbound calls per extension
  • Outbound calls per extension
  • Detailed call report per extension
  • Distribution reports and usage pattern
  • Trunk usage
  • Reports by group
  • Call tariffs
You can find more information about both options in its own page:

Download FreePBX Module

Download Standalone commercial version

What people say

Thank you so much for making my life easier in monitoring calls, though I'm just using a trial version yet customer support replied to my ticket really quick. I'll update you once I pass some recommendation with my boss about your product and I'll be glad to recommend your product to my colleagues. More Power!!!
Carl Quimada
My major thanks for developing this application! It is nothing short of spectacular. The MP3 article worked perfectly, and we just purchased our pro license.
Charles C. Robinson
I dont remember having a fastest and concise answer from any support department before.
Borja Garcia
I want to compliment you on your excellent documentation for the install guide. It even let a novice like me complete the download and install.
William J. Gillis, III
Great handy piece of software you've made. Have been using it together with * since 2005 in our non-profit organization. Very pleased.
Kari Kandell
Let me also congratulate you on what a fantastic job you have done... on all your products.. they are clean, easy to use, useful and easy to install. I wish i had someone like you on my staff for our developments. FOP2 is just brilliant. Seriously. Excellent job.
Tony Sampano