Start your free Trial

If you want to test drive Asternic Call Center Stats PRO, just download the software, follow the installation instructions and fill the "Request Trial" form to get a trial license instantly.

Log into your server and type (you might be prompted for your MySQL root password):

cd /usr/src
tar zxvf asternic-stats-pro-2.3.9.tgz
cd asternic-stats-pro-2.3.9

After the installation, point your browser to http://your.server/stats and fill the Request Trial form to activate a 30 days trial instantly. This is how the form looks like after installation on your server:

Our Address

We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our time zone is GMT-3.

Talcahuano 167, 3 'B'
1013, Buenos Aires

USA phone: +1 305 349 3672

Argentina phone: +54 11 4381 2400